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We're expert French bakers, offering comprehensive sourdough bread and panettone classes for professionals right in your bakery, hotel, pastry shop, or restaurant.


In a world filled with mass-produced bread and restricted creativity for bakers, we recognized the importance of reintroducing sourdough bread.

Our mission is not just about providing high-quality sourdough bread and panettone for more people. It’s also about elevating the quality of life for bakers, reconnecting them to the roots of their craft, to nature, and to the communities they serve.


Dessins sur la pâte

Thierry Delabre | 1970 - 2021

Founder of sourdough bread bakery “Panadero Clandestino” in 2015, an ancient wheat expert whose exceptional sourdough bread has been enjoyed at Michelin-star restaurants and 5-star hotels (Chefs Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard, Pascal Barbot, Bruno Verjus, etc.)
panettone ouvert en présentation

Guillaume Etlin

Parisian baker chef, bakeries owner, and sourdough bread and panettone expert.
Crafting sourdough panettone all year round, his bakeries continue to thrive, attracting customers even during the off-season. Also, they supply sourdough bread to exclusive hotels and restaurants, including those with Michelin stars.
Pain coupé en présentation

Matthias Arbion

Experienced sourdough bread and panettone trainer, and former bakery manager.
Having personally trained over 1,000 bakers, Matthias has guided professionals from small local bakeries to celebrated chefs, enabling them to successfully start sourdough bread and panettone production.

Each of us embarked on the journey of sourdough baking with a common desire—to work with organic, healthy products, connect with nature, and contribute positively to society. However, our paths were unique.

pain sorti du four
épis de blé
Thierry, facing diabetes, chose sourdough bread for its lower glycemic index. This passion led him to become a renowned baker, serving in Michelin-star restaurants and 5-star hotels.
Concerned about digestibility, Thierry and his team promoted ancient wheat with lower protein content, collaborating with French farmers to make it accessible. This not only improved digestibility but also supported local farmers, ensuring the highest bread quality.
Guillaume, who thrived in business, discovered his true love: baking bread. The delightful aroma of sourdough from his best friend’s grandfather’s kitchen captivated him.
He wanted to make people happy with good food, help local producers, and become really good at baking. Starting bakeries from nothing was tough, but he faced and beat many challenges along the way. Guillaume was introduced to Thierry by their mutual friend and French panettone master, Christophe Louie, in 2019. They co-founded the Bread Revolution Organization with the mission of making sourdough bread more accessible to people.
Découpe pain

During the pandemic, they held online classes with chefs Julien Dumas (a Michelin-starred chef), Alexandre Couillon (a 3-star Michelin chef starred in “Chef’s Table” on Netflix), Romain Dufour, Domenico Barassi, and French pastry researcher and historian Berry Farah.

In just a few months, they taught 700+ students through the "B.R.O. battles classes."

Pains découpés

Matthias’ path started with obtaining a master’s degree in environmental studies. Recognizing issues with the quality of food, especially commercially produced bread filled with sugar, high gluten content, and made from low-quality flours, he chose to become a certified sourdough baker.

Soon after beginning his baking journey, he took on the role of managing a sourdough bakery and later became a professional trainer for sourdough bread and panettone at “Ecole Internationale de Boulangerie”. Matthias decided to join Guillaume and became part of BRO in 2021.


On our journey to becoming who we are today, we attended baking schools, where we stayed away from home for several months, paid for accommodation, paused our usual work routines, and learned baking using school machines. 

Returning to our bakeries, we faced the reality of adapting our newfound knowledge to our bakery equipment. Considering variations in altitude, humidity, salt content in the air, and other environmental factors, we experimented to perfect our sourdough baking process.

Formation en atelier
Travail de la pâte


We recognized the need for baking classes right in our students’ bakeries, restaurants, or hotel kitchens. This way, we can share comprehensive craftsmanship, fully adapted to the existing equipment and environment of each establishment.


Leveraging our extensive experience in opening and managing more than a dozen of bakeries, we also:

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06. B.R.O. TODAY

Over the years we have trained over 1100 students. B.R.O. is more than a school. It's a movement.

B.R.O. is a movement that is bringing back the soul in baking, advocating for a deep connection with nature, and promoting craftsmanship in every loaf.

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The revolution has begun, and it’s delicious. Join us.

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