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Get experts’ advice to seamlessly launch or enhance your bakery and immediately start turning a profit.

bakery consultancy

This bakery consulting program

Is designed to assist businesses in mastering the art of sourdough bread-making. Whether you’re a bakery/pastry shop seeking to enhance your product offerings, or a hotel or restaurant to target high-end customers and improve their satisfaction, our program can provide valuable guidance and expertise.

Ten Services of our On-Site Bakery Consulting Program

01. Bakery Startup and Business Plan Consulting:

Seeking expert guidance on how to start bakery business? With our track record of funding, opening, and managing over 10 successful bakeries, we bring the expertise and experience to guide you seamlessly through starting your bakery business. We will assist you every step of the way.

02. Assessment and Customization of your existing bakery:

We begin by assessing your current bread-making practices and understanding your specific goals and requirements to increase your revenue and boost bakery/restaurant/hotel sales. This allows us to tailor the consulting program to meet your unique needs.

03. Technical Training:

Our experienced consultants will provide in-depth technical training on sourdough bread-making techniques.
This includes topics such as:
creating and maintaining a sourdough starter
understanding fermentation processes, dough handling, shaping, scoring
achieving optimal baking results

04. Recipe Development:

We will work closely with you to develop customized sourdough bread recipes that align with your desired flavor profiles, dietary preferences, and market demands.

We can explore various grain combinations, the inclusion of seeds or other ingredients, and specialized bread types to add diversity to your product range.

05. Production Optimization:

Our consultants will analyze your current production processes and help you identify areas for improvement to optimize:

  • fermentation schedules
  • proofing conditions
  • baking methods
  • scheduling and bakery workflow efficiency

We’ll share best practices and strategies to enhance your productivity and consistency.

06. Quality Control and Evaluation:

We’ll assist you in establishing quality control measures to ensure the highest standards in your sourdough bread production. 

This includes evaluating key quality indicators such as:

  • crust color
  • crumb texture
  • flavor development
  • shelf life

We can provide guidance on sensory evaluation techniques and implement feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.

dough bread

07. Bread Troubleshooting - Bread Problems and Solutions:

Our bakery consultants will be available to address any challenges or issues you may encounter during the sourdough bread-making process. 

We’ll help troubleshoot problems like

  • inconsistent rise
  • flavor variations
  • texture issues 

And we will provide practical solutions to overcome them.

08. Market Differentiation:

With our bakery consulting services, we’ll explore strategies to position your sourdough bread as a unique product in the market.
This includes leveraging the story of your sourdough journey, highlighting the use of ancient wheat or organic ingredients, and effectively communicating the craftsmanship behind your bread.

09. Bakery Design & Layout Consultation:

At B.R.O., we specialize in helping you establish or modernize your bakery, considering unique factors like production capacity, product variety, and more. Whether you’re building from the ground up or upgrading an existing bakery, the right equipment and an efficient layout are vital for your success. B.R.O. leverages its equipment and production expertise to create a tailored bakery layout that aligns with your precise requirements.

Our bakery consulting services include:

  • Selection of the ideal location
  • Bakery design and layout, utilizing either existing or new equipment
  • Bakery equipment planning and sourcing
  • Layout development using a 1/4″ CAD system

10. Ongoing Support:

Our commitment doesn’t end with the program. We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure your continued success in sourdough bread-making.  

You’ll have access to resources, expert advice, and periodic follow-ups to address any further questions or challenges.

Our experienced bakery consultants can assist you from the beginning to the end in opening and running your bakery business.

Elevate your skills, enhance your product range, and delight your customers with exceptional sourdough products that stands out in the market

Online Bakery Consulting

Schedule a two-hour coaching call

With extensive experience managing bakeries and expertise as professional bakers, we’re here to assist you.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about starting or expanding your bakery, boosting revenue, mastering sourdough baking, creating new menu items, and more.



Our company is Qualiopi certified, which attests that we meet the highest standards in professional training and service in France.

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