Sourdough course in London

Sourdough course in London

Are you a catering professional, baker or hotelier looking to learn new ways of working? If so, BRO is your reference! As an organization specializing in training for professionals in the food industry, we not only provide on-site training, but also support you with a consulting service. And if you’re thinking of switching to sourdough to reach new customers, BRO can come to you and offer a sourdough course in London.


Sourdough course in London by experts in the field

If you want to offer your customers a complete and varied range of products, there are many ways to go about it: preparing new recipes, varying flavors around your existing products… But perhaps you’ve also been thinking about creating a whole range of products in addition to your usual ones? With this in mind, you may want to turn to sourdough. Interesting ingredient for your preparations, sourdough can help you reach new customers and improve the performance of your establishment.

However, without the proper training, sourdough management can seem quite complicated. To make it easier for you to understand, BRO offers a sourdough course in London. We come directly to your site to train you in all aspects of sourdough preparation:

  • The principle of fermentation ;
  • Preparation of sourdough and associated breads;
  • Sourdough maintenance;
  • Optimization of work processes.

Our complete system allows you to benefit from professional training in all aspects of sourdough bread preparation. We can visit you on site in London, or anywhere else in the UK or Ireland.

Drawing on our experience in facility management and training, we’ll take care of training your teams from start to finish. After our intervention, your teams are fully autonomous in the management and preparation of your sourdough products.


Sourdough: an interesting ingredient in the preparation of your products

As part of the implementation of sourdough in your bakery, BRO comes to your site and offer a sourdough course in London. So that you can really make the most of sourdough products, BRO is keen to show you the advantages sourdough can bring.

First of all, sourdough bread has a more refined flavor and texture than bread made with commercial yeast. What’s more, thanks to sourdough fermentation, the bread you offer your customers can be more digestible and potentially contain less gluten.

For all these reasons, a sourdough course in London can help you reach new customers by selling sourdough-based products. In this way, sourdough can help in the development of your business.


So if you’re looking for a specialieed sourdough course in London, you can rely on BRO. We offer on-site sourdough bread training throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Want to find out more? Take a look at our training page.

Guillaume Etlin
This article is written by

Guillaume Etlin

Parisian baker chef, bakeries owner, and sourdough bread and panettone expert.  Crafting sourdough panettone all year round, his bakeries continue to thrive, attracting customers even during the off-season. Also, they supply sourdough bread to exclusive hotels and restaurants, including those with Michelin stars.

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