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Bread training:

Your employees will be happier because you will be able to avoid night shifts if you want, they will enjoy fewer repetitive tasks, and will finally learn the beauty of “living bread”. You also decrease salary expenses because there will be less work at night.

Panettone training:

Sourdough panettone requires a special organization that we will teach you.

You might need to buy fridges and add a fermentation room (optional for sourdough bread but necessary for panettone) – it doesn’t cost a lot and will pay back. But it is important.

We will teach you to bake baguettes also if you want, and very good sourdough bread of course.

We do follow-ups, a WhatsApp groups and ongoing support is included. 

  1. We train your team. Don’t lose them all at the same time. The head baker is supposed to train the replacement, and we can support the new one. We can also come back and train your team again.

Bread training:

You will still be able to bake sourdough bread. But the result won’t be consistent. The more control you have over your environment, the more consistent will be the results.

Panettone training:

Sourdough panettone baking requires dedication, time, and temperature control. You need to control your environment to avoid problems and be consistent.

Bread training:

Overall no. The salary expenses will go down (fewer night shifts) – a normal person doesn’t eat more than 200g of bread per day (so it costs less) – plus you have to bake fewer times – big loaves of bread can be baked in bigger quantities at the same time in the oven, it is more efficient in terms of the workforce input,  the electric bill will get lower, and the sourdough bread lasts longer. Baguette lasts less and baking baguette consumes more electricity. Also, you can make avocado toast, croutons, pain perdu, and croque monsieur with sourdough bread.

Panettone training:

Yes, but you will sell about 50 dollars product.


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